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Over 50%

of your coworkers will
 have a mental health
 condition in their lifetime
CDC, US Center for Disease Control


in earnings are lost 
annually due to untreated
 mental health conditions

AJP, American Journal of Psychiatry

8 in 10

workers with a mental health 
condition don’t seek treatment
 because of shame and stigma
NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness

Connect Your Organization and People


Support employees’ wellbeing


Help create a safe, open workplace


Inspire people to do their best work together

One-Hour Upbeat Training

Depression and anxiety may be hard, but connecting with people in spite of them can be simple. This fast-paced, engaging training makes these awkward subjects easy to talk about. Unlike traditional mental-health-in-business trainings, Talkward Live is upbeat and laser-focused on helping people talk and connect.

As an attendee, you will build an effective communication toolkit to help you:

  • Listen and respond comfortably to a coworker talking
    about their depression/anxiety
  • Let somebody with depression/anxiety know you are on their side
  • Avoid common pitfalls that may annoy many people
    with depression/anxiety

If you personally have lived experience of depression or anxiety and choose to talk about it at work, you will gain tools to help you:

  • Present your condition(s) in a casual and positive way
  • Make it easy for coworkers to hear you and react with support
Bill is a TED speaker and The Moth Radio Hour storyteller focused on helping create more moments of happiness that occur when people connect, particularly around anxiety and depression.

Bill got his start in IT working for NASA and ended it working 16hr days at a successful dot-com. He had a parallel odyssey through depression, addiction, social anxiety, and other islands of growth.

After becoming a high achiever in the field of self-destruction, he built a new life clean (11yr). He learned how to live well with his bipolar 2 condition. He developed a new career in technology marketing, helping a tiny startup to seven years of consecutive growth.

Bill’s TED talk on How to Connect with Depressed Friends has nearly 2 million views, and his Goalcast video on overcoming social anxiety has over 1 million. He performs an award-winning comedy show about depression and anxiety in the US and Canada. Bill’s media appearances include NPR and NBC.

Bill has created NAMI’s signature Brainpower Chronicles depression and anxiety storytelling series. That’s where he and Caroline found they shared a passion for applying marketing principles to personal communications.

Caroline is a Texan who finally found the Pacific Northwest in 2016. She is a business owner of a healthcare consultancy specializing in human-centered design with an emphasis on customer experience, brand strategy, service design and systems thinking.

Outside of work, Caroline is passionate about two things: being a mom to her 4-year-old son Marshall, and advocacy. Caroline has lived with obsessive compulsive disorder and general anxiety disorder for over two decades, and began publicly speaking about her fight with mental health in 2018.

She is a seasoned public speaker who—even with an audience of hundreds—values moments to connect with each and every listener for just a moment. A moment that might spark change, reaffirm one’s value, give hope or spread joy. Caroline’s story has been featured through the NAMI platform (National Alliance on Mental Illness), as well as NPR.

Caroline and Bill knew they were a natural team when Caroline learned that Bill felt that mental health challenges “needed a rebrand.” Indeed.

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