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What Can Bill Bernat Do for you?

Hire Bill to Speak at Your Event

Light up your conference, meeting, or event with a keynote from Bill

Take a Storytelling Workshop

Craft and tell an amusing story about a transformative personal journey

Give an Amazing TED-Style Talk

Engage and inspire with certified speaker coaching and training

Hire Bill to Speak at Your Event

What people are saying

Through a brilliant blend of poignant vulnerability and side-splitting humor, Bill will open your audience’s eyes to some of humanity’s most important challenges – the beautiful mess it means to be human.  He makes sensitive material accessible, opens minds and hearts, and builds bridges in the process.  A no-brainer to have in your speaker line up.

Ron Carucci

#1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Leadership Consultant to the Fortune 100, Keynote Speaker, Co-founder, Navalent

Bill’s stories invite audiences to view stigmatized, hard-to-approach topics like depression and mental health with lightness and hope.

John Capecci

Founder, Living Proof Advocacy

Bill’s TEDx talk was graduated to TED (, and now has over 1 million views.

Bill’s one-man comedy show, Becoming More Less Crazy, won Best of the Seattle Fringe 2017.

Many people dread talking about mental health. They don’t know what to say or how to say it, so they often say nothing or brush it off. People living with mental health challenges often want the opposite—simple conversation and connection.

Talking about mental health can be super easy. That’s where Bill can help.

TED speaker Bill Bernat is a recovering addict living with bipolar condition who specializes in teaching people how to talk about mental health. With relatable humor, Bill’s engaging workshops and keynote speeches deliver potent information to boost connection, collaboration, and success.

A tech industry veteran, Bill worked as an engineer and manager for years before moving into technology marketing. He is also an accomplished comedy storyteller (The Moth Radio Hour), inspirational speaker (Goalcast), and award-wining playwright (Becoming More Less Crazy).

Bill talks about talking about mental health with the authority of someone who knows both sides of the equation. His transformational journey includes:

  • Surviving depression and loving life–or at least liking it😂
  • Thriving in the workforce with a mental health condition
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Breaking through addiction into recovery (10 clean)
  • Losing over 100lb and keeping it off
  • Living well with bipolar condition

To bring Bill’s lightness and insights to your organization or event, contact us at Stay Awesome. Let’s start a conversation.

Take a Storytelling Workshop

What people are saying

Bill is a trustworthy and empathetic facilitator for both new and seasoned storytellers to workshop with. He knows how to get his students to the heart of a story, and how to leave an impact on their audience.

Kacie Rahm

Producer, The Moth

Bill makes it easy and fun for almost anyone to find a meaningful story from their life and tell it well the first time.

Paul Currington

Host/Founder, Fresh Ground Stories

Do you want to tell your personal mental health story, but don’t know how to tell it well? Would you like to help others tell their stories?

To help you, Bill has created Storymorphosis, a storytelling framework to enable anyone to design, craft, and tell a story well their first time on stage. The framework can also be used to lead workshops.

Previously only available to those who take an in-person workshop, Bill is now offering the framework for free! You can download it here.

Bill has been leading workshops for successful mental health storytelling shows for years. He recently directed and hosted Brainpower Chronicles: Mental Health Stories at the NAMI National Convention is 2019. He has helped countless people tell stories about their personal transformation to living well with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health challenges. He also help friends, family members, and caregivers to craft and tell their stories well.

To inquire about arranging a custom Storymorphosis workshop with Bill, please email or call . The workshop can be virtual or in-persona, and can include guidance for producing your own storytelling show for fun or fundraising!

To be notified of future public workshops with Bill, please join the mailing list (sidebar) or like the Stay Awesome Facebook Page.

Bill’s story “Oreo Relapse: was featured on The Moth Radio Hour, syndicated on over 200 NPR stations. It was also featured separately on Seattle’s KUOW.

Storymorphosis Workshop

Join my mailing list for advance notice of the next workshop!

Level Up with a Personal Speaker Coach

What people are saying

Bill helps people untangle their truth. He helps them gain the clarify and confidence to change lives with their stories.

Katherine Switz

Founder, The Stability Network

Bill was certified as Living Proof Advocacy speaking coach in October 2018.

Give a talk that makes people talk (and act)! Whether your are presenting about mental health or want to tackle another subject altogether, professional guidance can make you shine. TED speaker and certified Living Proof Advocacy™ speaker coach Bill Bernat offers individual coaching and group trainings to help you:

  • Engage people. Get your audience’s attention from the start and keep it.
  • Look and sound great. Display professional polish and confidence even if you feel nervous.
  • Get results. Motivate people to take action.

Coaching and training sessions can be done in person or virtually. Bill can also write and edit your speech for you, or help revise a talk for greater impact. Contact us to learn more.

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