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Mental health awareness and culture change around it are more important than today than they ever have been.

The pandemic has caused a sharp rise in depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Occupational phenomena such as burnout and languishing are appearing more frequently. While the conditions can be challenging, talking and connecting about them can be easy. In this session, comedian and TED speaker Bill Bernat will share findings from lived experience, research, and discussion within the mental health awareness community.

Upon completing this session, attendees will be better able to.

  • Identify three financial business benefits of greater social health
  • Avoid common “conversation killers” when talking to an employee about depression, anxiety, burnout, etc.
  • Make managers and their employees feel more comfortable talking about mental health
  • Craft more supportive and inviting communications from HR and leaders about mental health

It’s an interactive, illuminating session that can make a real difference with a very small investment of time—just an hour.


These Lunch ‘n Learn events make an often-dry topic into something vibrant by selecting storytellers who bring to joy their journeys. Sessions include:

  • Communication/connection tips for talking to coworkers about depression, anxiety, and burnout
  • A personal story about workplace mental health by comedian and TED Speaker Bill Bernat (How to Connect with Depressed Friends)
  • Upbeat stories from people with lived experience thriving in the workforce
  • An optional opportunity for a company leader or other staff member to talk about their personal journey to living and working well (with certified speaker coaching)
  • Space for a company leader or HR representative to share support offerings and resources

The #1 thing that would make people more open to talking about mental health at work is knowing their coworkers would not make a big deal out of it. This casual event brings a light tone and creates a safe space for people to listen, learn, and contribute if they want.

For remote teams who crave the camaraderie of in-person connection, Connecting Story Design is an online team-building experience where everyone creates, laughs, and learns together.

This stay-at-home lifestyle creates isolation that can lead to depression and anxiety. Three-quarters of remote workers are feeling left out and over half feel voiceless.

We bring your team together with expert story coaches to craft and tell stories from their lives. People learn nine key storytelling principles while using their own ideas to create their stories. Skill-building is effortless.

Connecting Story Design is fun and engaging. Everyone participates equally, is inspired to create, and has 100% control over what they share or don’t.


Bill’s story “Oreo Relapse: was featured on The Moth Radio Hour, syndicated on over 200 NPR stations. It was also featured separately on Seattle’s KUOW.

Intro video for Connecting Story Design

If you have been through a personal challenge, and then began to live better, then you’ve been on an epic adventure and you have a fascinating story to tell. It might have been an odyssey through depression, anxiety, or addiction. Maybe you defeated a life-threatening disease. Possibly your life circumstances became severely challenging, but you found a way to thrive in spite of it.

Bill has guided numerous speakers and storytellers, and has honed the process over the past seven years. He creates a safe space where you can stay within your comfort zone while finding the right moments and message to make your talk explode with impact.

He can help you:

  • Give a public or private talk, or participate in a storytelling show
  • Post a social video, or create a marketing video for a project or organization
  • Present yourself in a positive, powerful way to a manager
  • Connect more deeply with family, friends, or someone you’re dating

Even if you don’t want to tell your story at the moment, preparing it can help you get perspective on your experience, accomplishments, and how you want to move forward in life. It’s a way to create your own narrative.


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